That’s enough driving for today... it's time to find a place to park up the motorhome for the night. And, frankly, nobody’s looking forward to making dinner. Finding a restaurant that can serve up a good meal would be ideal.

That means you need to find a place where you can park easily and, if possible, that isn’t too expensive.

Problem... once you’ve eaten, you'll have to get behind the wheel again to find somewhere to stay overnight. That doesn’t sound fun...

So it looks like you won’t be having dinner at a restaurant after all!


by giving you free access to a large European catalog of restaurants, farmhouses and tables d'hôtes, all of which are willing to welcome you so that you can spend the night free of charge near their establishments.

In return, you agree to use the restaurant services offered by the host.

A large number of friendly restaurant owners, in addition to offering you a place to stay, give you discounts on your meal bill or offer you some special attention (appetizers, coffees, desserts, liqueurs, etc.). To take advantage of this, all you have to do is become a MEMBER of CAMPER GOURMET, taking out a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual subscription, depending on your needs as a traveler. (From € 3.- )

An investment that will be quickly amortized by taking advantage of the benefits reserved for members.

What a treat after a day on the road, to be able to enjoy a good meal without having to cook. And, why not enjoy a glass of good local wine... since you won't have to drive again.