You have installed the application and we thank you.To have access to the details (location, number of seats, etc.) of each partner restaurant, take advantage of the discounts and benefits offered, you must first become a CAMPER GOURMET MEMBER

Step 1 - Click on BECOME MEMBER​

  1. Choose the subscription that suits you best from the 4 on offer
  2. Follow the instructions in your Play Store

Step 2 - Complete your user account

  1. Go to "MY ACCOUNT
  2. Click on EDIT MY PROFILE
  3. Enter your first name and your last name
  4. No obligation - You can upload a photo of your choice
    Click on UPLOAD A PHOTO
    Save your data by clicking on Save
    At the top right of the screen

All you have to do now is click on MEMBER CARD to present your membership card.

Understand the various information

  Camper Gourmet members will receive a gift when they display the "gift" sticker. Discover inside the capsule the gift that will be granted to you upon presentation of your membership card

Click to see the route to this location
Languages spoken in this restaurant

  Number of places for motorhomes up to 3.5tonnes / 7'50 m'
  Number of places for motorhomes over 7'50 m'
  Possibility of obtaining electricity at the rate indicated.
-- = No possibility
? = Tariff to be discussed on site
  Possibility of obtaining water at the rate indicated.
-- = No possibility
? = Tariff to be discussed on site
  Quietness index at night
10 = Very quiet
  The establishment is closed
  The establishment is open
  The establishment is open but does not accept camper vans on that day


Search and save your wishes

The order in which the restaurants are displayed depends on your location. However, you can search for restaurants located elsewhere in Europe.
To do this, you can either use the map mode, select the country you are interested in from the top banner of the directory or use the application's search engine.

Map mode

  In "FIND A RESTAURANT" click on the icon in the bottom right corner

At first, only the points of the 75 restaurants closest to your location are displayed on the map
To get points further away, go back to the directory mode by clicking on the icon in the lower right corner.


Back in the directory mode, scroll down the list until you see the hourglass represented by a black circle spinning on itself.
Repeat this operation until the map shows the restaurant points in the area you wish to explore


Click on the restaurant point of your choice to display the restaurant name.

Click on the name of the restaurant to display its presentation capsule.

Search mode

In the main menu, click on PREPARE A TRIP and then on RESEARCH

In the "Search" bar at the top of the screen, enter the name of the region you are interested in or a major city. Start the search
If you are travelling with a motorhome over 7.5m', enter BIG in addition to the region or city

Save your wishes

  You have found the right restaurant for your next trip. In order to easily find this address, click on the small star at the top right of the presentation capsule.
    You will find this restaurant in your favourites.
To remove this restaurant from your favourites list, click on the small star again


To ensure availability, simply call or email to announce your arrival. You will certainly not be the only guests and each establishment has a limited number of pitches for motorhomes.

When you arrive, contact your hosts to find out where you can spend the night. Only park your motorhome on the pitch that has been indicated to you.

If you are a CAMPER GOURMET member, remember to show your MEMBER CARD at mealtimes. If a discount is given on the food served, you must consume paid drinks.

When you leave, make sure that the area you have occupied is left clean. Your waste can only be left on site if you have previously agreed this with the host.

If you can take advantage of additional paid services (water, electricity, etc.), make sure you pay the expected amounts. The same applies if a tourist tax is levied.